We Met UNDP for Gender Equality!

We are aware of the importance of being an institution working for gender equality. So what does a company or institution sensitive to gender equality mean? If you support women’s employment in your workplace, especially if you realize the unique problems and needs that women encounter in the workplace, search for solutions for these problems, make action plans and implement them, and follow our works closely to become a corporate culture, being an institution sensitive to gender equality. you’re on your way.

It has been proved that being sensitive to equality of men and women in the workplace increases the productivity and growth of companies and accelerates the decision-making processes at the problem solving and management levels. According to researches, as companies and institutions develop policies to increase gender equality; Increased and improved workplace health and safety in financial returns, operating profits, employee retention, employee engagement, performance and job satisfaction.


As Anadolu CNC Machining Technologies, these works are part of our daily life and for this very reason, we have been selected by UNDP as one of the prominent institutions in the region, and we talked with UNDP managers about the projects we can do in the future. We want to nurture our company’s visions with continuous improvements to ensure Gender equality and create projects that create a sustainable impact with stakeholders. We wish to be a company that makes a difference for Gender equality by reviewing every detail from recruitment announcements to the company’s daily flow.

It is possible for those who are interested in the subject to reach the guide at the link and obtain detailed information and create a vision for personal or corporate life; Gender Sensitive Communication Guide. As Anadolu Talaşlı İmalat, we are happy to contribute to a more equal world vision by taking responsibility for Gender equality.