• To ensure customer and employee satisfaction,

• To be a reliable and sought-after company in all processes,

• To ensure that all employees can become people who can better use their talents,
attaches importance to team works and trainings, to constantly raise quality-oriented,

• Technological advances and modem production systems to reduce costs and increase profitability
to follow and apply the application,

• To apply the Lean Manufacturing philosophy to make high quality, low cost and fast products in our company,

• To evaluate and improve all our needs to start high quality in our products,

• To implement project management in order to carry out the activities in our company effectively and on time,

• Information management application for the implementation and protection of corporate information in our company,

• ISO 9001: To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and the legal regulations, its legal activation
constantly supervising and doing the necessary work,

• To be an exemplary institution that respects the society and the environment, and to be constantly oriented towards the country’s economy by improving its business volume,

Basis of the Quality Policy of Atimsan.