Anadolu CNC Machining Technologies

In 2009, our company was established on an area of 250 m². Considering the needs of our customers, our company has made continuous improvements in the machine park and moved to an area of 600 m² in 2011. In 2013, our company, which has invested in multi-spindle lathe machines which are not available in our region, moved to 1600 m² area. In 2015, our company has added the sales distribution of the Mediterranean Region of SECO TOOLS, which is one of the world’s leading cutting company, in order to closely follow the machining technology and increase the productivity of our company.

Why Anadolu CNC?

We do our job with passion, with lean manufacturing understanding of the products you need as soon as possible without compromising quality we deliver.

We Are Trusted

Anadolu Machining works with the understanding of ethical trade.

We Are Experts

We closely follow developments in our industry and participate in trainings.

We Are Professionals

Our team consists of experts and works in harmony.

We Have Quality

We transparently share our certificates and quality control processes.

We Are Experienced

We work in the field of machining for many years and gain experience.

We Produce Lean

We use lean manufacturing in every stage of production.