A life that meets universal needs with special solutions for vacuum.

  • To be a company that produces top 10 vacuum equipment, systems and seals in 5 years and sells its brand,
  • The trade volume with Turkey has created within 5 years 2. (second) to capture the 500 and continued to firm size,
  • To follow the technology at a high level and benefit from its applications (Labo, 3D printer, ERP etc.)
  • Becoming an exemplary company that ensures gender equality
  • Having an organizational structure that is proud to work with and maintaining it.



To produce value added and reliable products for high technology production processes with its lean manufacturing philosophy. This activity is to be a sustainable organization sensitive to gender equality, people, society and nature.





Our Values

At every level of the company; The aim is to internalize the awareness of gender equality, honesty, trustworthiness and fairness. To be aware of its responsibilities towards its employees, society, environment and nation with its past and future.

Atimsan’s method of doing business; adopts and accepts that it will operate in a lean, agile, quality management system within the framework of the principle of transparency.